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Capital Deployment through Slot Auctions

Polkadot has a unique slot auction mechanism which has allowed for the creation of a novel capital deployment strategy. Harbour Industrial Capital is pioneering this strategy which sets us apart from any other crypto fund.

Investments deployed through Harbour Industrial Capitals Funds will not go into Polkadot itself, but into the application layers that will be built on top of it. This is where we expect most value to accrue. 

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Invest in an entire ecosystem of DeFi, NFTs and metaverse,

on a next-generation blockchain

Learn how Harbour Industrial Capital can help you own a part of Web3 

The number of decentralized applications on Ethereum has exploded over the last few years. Many have faced technical limitations, yet reached astronomical valuations. Now, a next generation is being built on Polkadot. Our fund captures their value from day one. 

Why Polkadot?




Parachain auctions on Polkadot are an entirely new way of supporting new crypto projects. Early backers of crowd loans will likely be rewarded disproportionally. 



Unfortunately, the process is technically challenging and selecting among the hundreds of candidates isn’t easy. 



Harbour Industrial Capital is pioneering this investment strategy and is the first fund to make this unique opportunity accessible to its LPs. 

Our core value proposition

To Hedge or not to Hedge

Every investor has a different risk appetite, that's why we offer our fund in two flavours, delta-neutral and DOT-bullish. This optional hedge protects against downside risks of the DOT price, while still fully capturing the upside from Parachain tokens.

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